Jessica Rose Gets Ready with

Jessica Rose gets ready with Secret Diva Products

We visited Love Island's Jessica Rose for all her latest makeup tips and tricks and how she gets ready with Secret Diva.  Throughout the video, Jess uses all her favourite Secret Diva products, and demonstrates how she uses them and how you too can achieve her finished look!
Jessica Rose Secret Diva Make Up​​​​​​​

Step by Step of Secret Diva products as used by Jessica Rose:

Step 1 - Strobe n Glow Highlighter - £16.99

Use our Secret Diva ‘Strobe N Glow’ Highlighter to create the perfect cheek and eye shimmer with just one stroke of your brush. With two shades for a range of skin tones, our Strobe N Glow palette is perfect for everyone.

Jess uses shades Golden Glow and Bronze Goddess to match her bronzed complexion. Using the Rose Gold Highlighting Brush, Jess applies Strobe N Glow on her cheek bones, brow bones, her nose and cupids bow and applies the highlighter in a circular motion to get the perfect look. Jess’ top tip is to put a small amount of highlighter on your bottom lip to create a slight shimmer behind your liquid lipstick.

Take our fluffy brush alongside Summer Loving on our Strobe N Glow palette to create the perfect shimmery eyeshadow look. Simply circulate the highlighter on your eye lids up to your brow bone and the corner of your eye to really make your eyes pop.

Step 2 - Rock Out Lashes - £4.00

Our Rock Out Lashes are Jess’ favourites! Made from human hair to create an easy apply, lightweight feel, they are perfect for an everyday or evening look.

Jess suggests cutting your lashes to the perfect size, this will help keep the eyelashes glued in the correct place and will compliment your natural eye shape.

Simply glue down your lashes and you are good to go! Don’t forget to pack our miniature glue, ideal for popping in your handbag on a night out! Our lash glue is LATEX FREE.

Step 3 - Rose Gold Fluffy Brush (5 piece set) - £16.99

Take our Secret Diva Rose Gold Fluffy Brush to add any extra bronzer or blusher to your look! Our fluffy brush is also perfect for dusting away excess makeup under your eyes to keep a flawless look. Take your choice of blusher and swirl the brush around until you have enough product and simple circulate the brush from the apples of your cheeks up towards the cheek bones.

Step 4 - Secret Diva Kissable Lipstick - £12.00

A look is not complete without a beautiful liquid lipstick. Our matte, kissable lipsticks are long-lasting and perfect for both an everyday and evening look.

Jess uses Hustler for her daily look to create a natural glam. She suggests using a sugar lip scrub or a lip mask before using liquid lipsticks to achieve the best look and to keep your lips moisturised and soft throughout the day. 

To create a summery look, Jess mixes Hustler with Million Dollar to add a slight coral shade to her nude lip. Mixing lipsticks is perfect for when you want to mix up your lip colour and try something new, you never know what colour you could create!

Use your finger to rub the two colours together to create the perfect blend. Don’t be hesitant to add gloss or Vaseline to add a shine to your lips.

Interview with Jessica Rose​​​​​​​

Jessica Rose Interview by Secret Diva!

“Are you the kind of girl who can’t leave the house without makeup”?

No. Jess confessed that she would rather leave the house au natural than with makeup. She loves to embrace her natural side but also loves to show off her makeup skills if she has a spare 5 minutes!

“Do you prefer a natural look or a full evening look”?

90% of the time, Jess loves a natural look. Whether she wears a bare face or wears very natural makeup with a nude lip and bronze eyeshadow, Jess told Secret Diva that she loves to be natural! However, she always carries her favourite pair of Secret Diva lashes just in case she goes for dinner or drinks to enhance her makeup look for the evening.

“What is in your makeup bag”?

Jess tells Secret Diva her products she always carries round includes her favourite bronzer, powder, Secret Diva fluffy brush and her favourite pair of Secret Diva lashes (in Rock Out).

“What are 5 things you cannot live without”? (Beauty)

Jess reiterates that her top 5 things that she absolutely loves and cannot live without. These products include her bronzer, some powder to defeat shine, her favourite pair of lashes, a nude lipstick and a good quality lip balm for those stubborn dry lips.

“Do you stick to a good skincare regime”?

Yes! After greatly suffering with her skin and trying all sorts of different skincare regimes, Jess loves to use the Emma Hardy cleanser to remove her makeup, a good moisturiser to keep her skin smooth and a good quality lip balm to keep lips smooth and kissable!

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