Lashes Collection

Our lashes are of the highest quality, handcrafted, using 100% sterilised premium human hair.  Cruelty Free, Vegan friendly. Glue and full instructions on how to apply are included. 
"Get the Diva Look with Secret Diva"
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  • 'Angelic' Lashes

    'Angelic' Lashes

    Angelic - Unleash your inner angel and be your most beautiful with natural innocent eyes.
  • 'Devilish' Lashes

    'Devilish' Lashes

    Devilish - Unleash your Inner Devil with sexy sultry eyes that turn men's heads and get the ladies talking.
  • 'Luscious' Lashes

    'Luscious' Lashes

    Luscious - nothing says more than eyes that sparkle - unleash your Inner Luscious
  • 'Rock Out' Lashes

    'Rock Out' Lashes

    Rock Out - Unleash your Inner Rock Chic and get sexy but rebellious eyes that oozes confidence.
  • 'Vintage' Lashes

    'Vintage' Lashes

    Vintage - inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Even she had her diva moments. Release your inner Marilyn.