Secret Diva
By Alex Rutter

From Survival of the Fittest to Secret Diva HQ, Mettisse Campbell gets ready with Secret Diva using all of her favourite products. Follow our step by step demonstration to achieve Mettisse’s look!

Step by Step of Secret Diva products as used by Mettisse Campbell
Step ONE – Base using Mermaid Oval 10-piece Make-Up Brushes Set £29.99

For Mettisse’s flawless look, take your favourite base foundation and apply with our Mermaid Oval 10-piece Make-Up Brushes Set to create that seamless base finish. Made with high synthetic fibers, our Secret Diva brushes never hold too much product, allowing you to get the most out of your favourite foundation! Blend this base out in a circular motion with our largest Oval brush for a quick, flawless application.

Step 2 – Contour using 5-piece Make-Up Brushes Set £16.99

Using our 5-piece Make-Up Brushes Set, take the flat foundation brush to mark out triangular regions under your eyes with your favourite concealer. Target under the eyes, your T-Zone and chin to highlight these areas during the contour process. This will make your skin appear smoother and even more flawless! Once applied with the flat foundation brush, switch back to the Oval set using the blending brush. Blend out the highlighted areas for a naturally smooth appearance.

Next, take the flat foundation brush alongside your favourite cream contour and apply to the cheek bones, below the hairline and the jawline. This will allow your face to appear beautifully structured once blended out.

Finally, take the two fluffy brushes in the 5-set to apply your favourite setting powder and bronzer/blusher to set the face. Blend, blend, blend!

Step 3 – Strobe N Glow Highlighter Palette £16.99

Take the 5-set fluffy brush to apply Beach Babe on the cheek bones for the ultimate glow! Our Secret Diva highlighter palettes are super pigmented, allowing to use minimal product with the best result.  You can also add the Strobe N Glow palette on to your eyelids/brow bone if you wanted to create a glowy eye look for the evening too! Our highlighting palettes also come in two different shades, so you can choose between Strobe N Glow or Shine Bright dependent on your skin tone.

Step 4 – Luscious Lashes £4.00 / 3 for £10.00

Peel the lashes from the plastic casing and measure against your eye shape. Take a pair of scissors if they are slightly too big and make sure to cut them to the correct size to make your lashes look more natural and to allow them to stay sticky longer. Take our latex free adhesive and put a thin layer on the lashes, focusing on the corners. Allow the glue to get tacky and apply the lashes. Secret Diva lashes are perfect for beginners and professionals as they are so easy to apply with an extra lightweight feel.

Step 5 – Matte Lipstick in Hustler £12.00

Take your favourite Secret Diva matte lipstick colour to finish off your look. Mettisse’s particular favourite is in the shade Hustler as she adores a nude lip. Glide the wand across your lips for the perfect finish. Add any gloss or Vaseline to create a glossy look! Our top tip is to prep your lips before the use of a matte lipstick. You can do this by using a sugar scrub or a moisturizing mask for your lips, this will create long lasting moisture for lips and prevent any cracking.

Mettisse Campbell, An Interview with Secret Diva

Secret Diva Interviews Mettisse Campbell

“Are you a girl who can leave the house without make-up on”?

“Honestly, I am so lazy. Yes I am! Most mornings, if I don’t have anything to do, I will definitely leave the house with no makeup on. I think that more girls need to do it as well because everyone should just embrace natural

“What is your skincare regime”?
My skincare isn’t the best if I’m honest. I do use an exfoliator and I really love creams on my face. But I don’t have the best skincare regime.

“What are 5 things you can’t live without”?
I can’t live without my eyebrows being done. Even if I have a makeup free day I still have to have my eyebrows done. My nails [laughs]. I absolutely love my nails, so I couldn’t live without my nails. I can’t live without my phone, I
would struggle without my car, and my dog. My dog is my world.

“If you had to pick your favourite product from Secret Diva, what would it be”?
That is such an easy question to answer, it has got to be the ‘Strobe n Glow’ Highlighter Palette. It’s literally the best highlighter I have every used. I have used MAC, I’ve used all of them and the Strobe N Glow one is the one that I just use all the time.

“Do you have any beauty tips”?
I don’t have many, but the one I do have is to use a sugar scrub on your lips. I like my matte lipstick to apply smooth so I use that to get rid of any dry skin on the lips.

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